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Steve Behal & Jeannie Catchpole

Jeannie Catchpole, with a no-fear attitude, buckets of paint, brooms, brushes, and a garden hose (not to mention tent pegs to stabilize the canvas during some of the wildest days of August) has created “SEVEN SUMMERS”. Gary Lipton, with that same no-fear attitude, is displaying the acrylic painting on the west exterior wall of Lipton Fine Arts facing the Main Street parade route.

“SEVEN SUMMERS” – 180″ x 144″ (15′ x 12′) acrylic on canvas will hang for two days only at Lipton Fine Arts, 411 N. Leadville Avenue Ste. 3 in Ketchum, (next to the Coffee Grinder) – Saturday, September 5 during WAGON DAYS PARADE and Sunday, October 11 during TRAILING OF THE SHEEP. Available for sale: inquiries to Lipton Fine Arts.

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